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I like it

The description is misleading (on purpose perhaps), but the flash itself was kind of good. Not front page worthy, but the animation and music made me miss my old video games on the gameboy pocket and color, and was my favorite part the thing for that reason. I enjoyed the artistic aspect to it as well. Good drawing and animation in this one, despite the fact that there was little point, and no plot whatsoever. Maybe i'm a stickler for surrealism, but that factor alone made your toon good in my eyes. Try to have a plot next time, stick with this animation and drawing style, and don't use video game characters, please.

maybe i have a sick mind

but this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. I want so badly to show this to all my family and friends, but i won't because they'd never engage me in conversation again for the rest of my natural existence. The sad thing is, is that i could see it coming even when the character first turned around, but i crack up like a banshee every time. Dude... you made my day, but for the love of god GET HELP!

This was really smart

Speaking specifically of gel's, it really got me thinking of the mind/ body dualism and forced me to spend several hours on wikipedia trying to figure out what it was all about. You're submission has more to do with philosophy than anything, and underneith the funny is a well thought out take on Rene Descartes' theories.

Incidentally, the main stick's name is Ryle, who is also the name of a british philosopher that coined the term, "Ghost in the Machine", and denounced Rene's theories, which the chick character in your movie took to heart. Whether or not you meant all that, I appear smarter anyway.

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